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  1. My wife and her parents want to baptise my kids without my consent,i have on numerous occassions stated that this is against my up bringing and spirituality.What is the legal approach to stop them from doing this.They have set a date and gone as far as planning a party,i only found out about it recently. Comments: 2
  2. hello i am algerian married with Polish woman we have problems and can not deal with it anymore and cant i cant back to algeria bcz i didnt pass the army services anyway i have 2 years resident card if we divorce they stop my resident or can i ask for resident with job is there any solutions or helps from u bcz i am really tired of this Comments: 25
  3. Dear Sir-Madam I have permanent resident card for Poland, as I am married to polish wife, However my question is if I get Divorced will I be still keeping this Card and for how long ? Comments: 2
  4. Dear Sir, I am a Vietnamese ,working in Poland. I Have been living in Poland for 5 years and having short term resident permit EU card for six months, Valid day until September. My next card will change to 3 years. Last year, I married in Vietnamese with Vietnamese girl,(she is in Vietnamese). Now, I want to take her with me to Poland. Do i take my wife with me to Poland? where should I apply for her visa, in Poland or Vietnamese? Thanks Comments: 0
  5. hello iam from algeria i was married in 2012 with polish girl after some time they give me positive decision to come to polska but the problem now is that my wife dont want me to come che tell that she dont love me and the probleme is that i stop all for her to come to polska and now she tell i bloked this decision so iam worry now and she tell me too that she want divorce and she will send me papaer to signe but me i dont want divorce because i see that she take my right my question is she can bloke my coming ?? and she can divorce ??of me even if iam not on poland ,? and please what i should do now iam lost Comments: 10
  6. Hello, I'm a Mexican living in Poznan with my Polish Wife. We got here from Mexico around 2 weeks ago; however, as we got married in Mexico we were requested to register our Marriage Certificate in the Civil Registry here in Poznan in order to be recognized by the law of the Republic of Poland. Once that we got there for the registration we were told that the Certificate contained an error as the Last Name for the Bride's Mother was shown with her unmarried Last Name and not the the one she acquired after the marriage. We explained that that's the proper way to fill out a Civil Certificate in Mexico, this was a request by the Civil Registry in Mexico as they were explicit in how to fill it out. Now they are requesting to have the Act changed but for that as we need to be physically in Mexico submit a request which can last no less than a month as they need to evaluate if the change is possible or not. We were thinking to get married once again here in Poland but for that I need to get such a certificate stating that I'm currently Single and that I can get married out of my country; however, this certificate needs to be issued in Mexico by the Civil Registry or the Embassy but it will be quite difficult as I'm already married in with my Polish Wife in Mexico. Do you have any advice on this? Do you know any other options or ways in order to register our Marriage? I do appreciate your time and assistance. Regards, Comments: 1
  7. Hello I have a schengen visa which has been issued for malta but I wanna marry with my girlfriend in poland I\'m a turkish citizen actually and I\'m currently in malta with student visa so Can I marry with my girlfriend in poland with my schengen visa thank you for answer. Comments: 0
  8. I am planning to get married with my girlfriend in October 2013. She is based in Poland now. I am residing in Dubai for long term business assignments. I have yet no plans to reside continuously in Poland for more then 2 years after getting married. I am seeking your advice whether I will be eligible to get some sort of temporary permit to go and visit my girlfriend in Poland. How about getting polish citizenship in this circumstances? Comments: 0
  9. HI , I'm from Iran and I have been living in Poland about 5 years as an student . I and my polish girlfriend have decided to get married . we have known each other for long period of time ( just few month after i have started to reside in Poland) and we have been living together at her place for almost two years. As we have understood the marriage procedures ( within its legal context ) can last around half year. the problem is that my current TRC card is going to finish at 15th of September and we are just wondering now that how we could cope with this situation . i really appreciate to get your opinion in this case . thanks Comments: 2
  10. GREETING SIR/MADAM. my question is im african who has a polish fiance live in poland, and she will come to africa for us to get marry at the begining of november this year. what document do i need to apply visa to join her in poland as a married couple. Comments: 0
  11. Hello I will have a student visa which is one year and When I come to poland Can I marry with my polish girlfriend in poland with my student visa ?is that possibile according to polish law? Comments: 0
  12. Hello, I'm an Indian student living in Sweden with Schengen Visa. My fiance is from Poland but working and living in Germany. She doesn't have any address in Poland. We are planning to get married in Poland in June, since she doesn't have holidays till June. My visa is expiring on end of June. I know I must apply for stay card for which I need some procedures and what I can do with this stay card? Is it possible for me to go around Schengen countries with this stay card? Becasue I want to stay with her in Germany or is there any other possibilites for me to apply for something else? Thank you.Waiting for the reply. Comments: 0
  13. hello, I'm an iranian and my fiance she's polish and we are together since 2010 while i was in india .we want to get married in upcoming months in istanbul. it's not possible to get married in my country as she has to convert to islam and i don't want that for her so turkey is our best option. on december 2012 she send me one invition letter in india and i couldn't get visa as they told me i have to apply from iran because i my student yoga course is over . my question is can i apply for resident permit(family visa) in polish consulate in istanbul with our marriage certificate or i have to back in my country and apply for visa from iran ? Comments: 0
  14. I wanna get married in Poland. I'm Dutch citizen, and I was a few times in the town hall but they dont can give me a good answer. I let translated a few documents, my birth certificate and a certificate what shows my civil status. See screenshot http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads6/511e39b5513cc/511e39b52b24b-GBApolish.jpg Will this documents be enough to get married? Comments: 0
  15. Witam! jestem Polką. Poznałam wspaniałego Tunezyjczyka. Mieszka i pracuje w Niemczech. Niestety w marcu kończy mu się wiza. Czy mamy szansę na ślub w Niemczech lub może prościej byłoby w Danii? Comments: 0
  16. Witam, Jak mogę zawrzeć związek małżeński z obywatelem Pakistanu , który mieszka we Francji , ale nie posiada już tamtejszej wizy. Ja jestem Polką i mieszkam w Polsce .Obecnie przebywa ze Mna w Polsce- co potrzebujemy do zawarcia zwiazku małżenskiego. Comments: 0
  17. Comments: 25
  18. Dear Sir/Madam, I am an Indian citizen studying in Romania and my fiancee is from Poland. we will be getting marry soon but i am not living in Poland and will be there on Shengen visa for 60 days.I looked up the information on some forums and read that once i am married I have to apply to the office in Poland to get temporary residence card. can you please tell me what is the procedure as we will not be married in Poland and when we come there what we have to do to apply? Do we have to show any funds as she is not working at the moment and live with her parents and we will be living there for the start as they have place for us.How much time it all takes to get the relevant residence permit? Your help will be much appreciated.I will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks Comments: 0
  19. Hi! Me and my Polish boyfriend are planning to get married in Poland soon. As I am a citizen of the Philippines, I need a visa to enter Poland. Since there is no option for a fiance visa, we were told by the Polish embassy to apply from their listed visa options (Schengen or national visa),submit as much documents that will support my purpose of coming to Poland then the Consul will decide whether to grant me a visa or not. Would you know which documents we need to give the embassy for the purpose of getting married in Poland? Comments: 0
  20. My girlfriend lives in Haiti and I in Spain (I am Polish). We would like to know what documents are needed to legally marry in Spain, and have the marriage recognised in Poland and Haiti. Also, what does the law on visas look like? Will she need a visa to come to Spain? So far, I’ve been travelling to see her. Comments: 0
  21. Hello! I have been in a relationship with an Indian man for over a year. We would like to get married, however his family is opposed to this (it’s against his religion and culture), so we cannot get married in India. We both live in Greece. What is the procedure for marrying a foreigner in this case? Can we legally marry in Poland? Do we have to marry in India, for it to be legal? Please help… I’m waiting for your answer. Comments: 0
  22. I am an Armenian woman with tolerated stay in Poland. I am married to an Armenian man. I live in Poland, but he has been gone for 6 years. Can I file a petition for legal separation in Poland? Comments: 0
  23. I have been in Egypt for almost 3 months, trying to marry my fiancé, but we keep encountering problems: with visas, with the translation office. Because of all this we have lost our jobs and all our savings. My visa expired – they made us go back and forth from Hurghada to Cairo. My future husband had an accident – he was hit by a bus and lay in hospital for over a month. During this time my visa expired. We have all the documents we need to get married, but we can’t get a visa, without a visa we can’t get married, and I can’t live with him unless we get married. I have to leave while my fiancé remains in Egypt. Will it be difficult to invite him to Poland and get married there? Comments: 1
  24. I am an Algerian living in Poland. I’m getting married to a Polish girl soon. Where can I find help? Comments: 0

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