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  1. I am a foreigner living in Poland for the last 7 months. My husband has a work permit and is working here. I have a Visa which allows me to stay in Poland as long as my husband's work permit is valid. I have been trying to search for a job and during my interviews with prospective employers,when I highlight that I need a work permit they are reluctant to proceed with my candidature. Is a portal where I can find jobs which do not require knowledge of Polish for foreigners ( i.e, Company is willing to file the work permit )? Thanks. Comments: 0
  2. i am a chinese chef .i want to work as a chef in Poland ,can i get the PR in Poland? Comments: 1
  3. Hello, My name is Maftuna, i am from Uzbekistan. I have got the work visa for 1 year. So And now I am working in company in Warsaw about 4 months. I am not agree with the work and i dont have a good relationship with the director. So thats why, i want to change my work place for another one. I have found a good job in sweden and I want to change my work place to Sweden. So i have a question: May I immedately move to sweden and start working in Swedish company with Poland 1 year work visa? May I wait for my new work permit of Sweden in Sweden? Or i must work only in Poland, and i can move to sweden only after i receive the Swedish work permit??? Thank you beforehand. Comments: 0
  4. Dear Madam/sir i am a student in Poland , i am from Tunisia , i have student visa , i would like to know if its possible for me to get a work permit cause i have a job offer ? best regards Comments: 0
  5. Hello , please do we have update on the polish blue card and procedures ? Thank you in advance. Comments: 33
  6. i am pakistani i ahve italian sesnol work vailod visa can i got polish work permat for 2years plz tell me somthig Comments: 0
  7. Hello. Where can a foreigner living in Poland, but not knowing the Polish language, find work? Is there a demand for English-speaking employees? I live in Trójmiasto and have not found any such offers on the internet. Thank you so much for your help. Comments: 0
  8. Hello, I am Polish, and my wife is Ukrainian. We have two children with a temporary residence card (for 5 years now). Does my son have to apply for a work permit in Poland if he has a temporary residence card? Comments: 0
  9. My husband is Albanian. We have lived in Poland for three years now. My husband will now be applying for permission to settle in Poland. If he receives it, will he be able to work legally in France or other EU countries whose labour market is open to Poles? Comments: 0
  10. Does a Ukrainian with permission to settle in Poland have the same right to work in Holland as a Polish citizen? Comments: 1

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We regret to suspend Infolinia service. For over a year, we give advice on a voluntary basis - but the scale of questions is far beyond our ability possibilities to help for free. We will unlock the service as soon as we find funds to continue. We still provide information by telephone and by e-mail.
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Migration Helpline (Infolinia Migracyjna) is now run thanks to voluntary work of PFM staff. Before, it was maintained (2012-2014) thanks to co-financing of the project Information Center for Foreigners 2, run by PFM in partnership with the Association for Legal Intervention and the Mazovian Governor. It is co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals and by the state budget.


In the years 2009-2011 the project was run as part of Information Center for Foreigners run by the same partnership, also co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals and by the state budget.