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  1. Hello my name is sergio and im mexican getting married with a lady from poland and the embassy will help us to all the paperwor we need for us to be ok in poland but my question is I 7 monts ago got a 2 yrs no entryban from sweden i told that to the embassy and they told me that i got to deal with sweden for that so i call sweden and they rold me that im getting married to a girl from polan that poland has to lift my no entry ban so now im confuce please help me out Comments: 86
  2. dear sir i m algerian married with polish girl i got refused for second time all my doucements was legal and i gived too anothers extra doucements but the reason its how i can prove that i will leave from poland in end of visa they say i must prouve i m goona back i m so confused i dnot know what i need do please help me Comments: 0
  3. I like to get migration in Poland Comments: 54
  4. Hi, I have karta pobytu (valid till March 2015) and a D visa on my passport (valid till 30th jan 2015) , can i travel to other schengen countries ? or do i have to apply for tourist visa to travel to for example holland ? Comments: 87
  5. Hii I visit poland two times on shengen visa . I stay uk for two years on student visa and that period I applied gy poland visa. My question is when I go recently to poland that time me and my girlfriend want to get married we get marriage date also. But the problem is my visa is expired that time and polish border guard catch .they ask everything from me and my girlfriend .and they give me ban for poland for one year. But they also told me I can apply for cancelation for ban . If they cancel my ban . That time can I get again poland visa or not . Because my girlfriend want we live together in Poland and get married. Please help me Comments: 0
  6. hello im from Algeria , im married with a polish woman i already applied for national visa but the polish embassy refusing my document because i have no invitation from my wife ,unfortunately my wife couldn't send to me and the same about her family too , what i should do now ?? who can send to me this invitation ?? and it possible to apply with another country invitation ?? because i have someone can send to me from France ?? if not ?? could a lawyer form poland do something to me ?? thank you .. Comments: 0
  7. Witam I am from outside the EU and overstayed my tourist visa for many months, and now I want to willingly leave Poland and go back to my country. What kind of difficulties can I expect? Can I be arrested and prevented from returning? Can that be avoided by hiring legal assistance? Pozdrawiam Comments: 0
  8. Witam państwa jestem obywatelką z Uraine i mieszkam w polsce 12 lat posiadam karty pobytu na czas oznaczony i chce pojechac do niemiec do prace czu moge na tą karte wyjechac Poprosze odpowiedz n mojego E- mail.Za pomoc z gure dzieńkuje. Comments: 0
  9. Dear Sir, I am an Indian ,working in Poland, and having long term resident permit EU (EC long term) card for five years. I am planning to marry next month in India with Indian girl,(she is in India) after marriage I want to take her with me to Poland, where should I apply for her visa, in Poland or India? Is it called family visa, also is it simple procedure ? Comments: 1
  10. Hello! i would like to know if with my visa D Poland(1 entry) i can travel to another country of the EU. Comments: 1
  11. Hello sir,I am a non.Eu citizen ( india) ,worked and lived 5 years ,then I applied for a EC long term permission and waiting for permanent residence permit,if i get that I can go for my country for 2 years and back to Poland again ? (Going to some personal reason ) They can revoke my PR card ? Please send me the reply ' Comments: 0
  12. Hello, I'm Indian married to Polish woman, and my marriage is registered in Poland.My wife is working in Germany for past 10 months, and I live in India. We got married in India this August 2013. Now I want to apply for Polish visa, my question is what are requirements(like her salary, her stay in Poland,renting apartment) my wife must fulfill in order to give me invitation, and what are requirements I must fulfill to apply for Polish temporary residence. Is it neccessary for my wife to come back to Poland, if I want to apply to Polish temporary residence? Please reply me. Kindly waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance. Comments: 0
  13. Hello I wanna get marry with my girlfriend as well I need to obtain a visa in order to come to poland to get marry with my girlfriend my question is financial How much do I have to show that I have enough money to cover my expenses in my bank account or İf I do not have enough money in my bank account even if my girlfriend supports me financially and send me an invitation formal letter which will be issued at voivoiship in poland so İf I do not show that I do not have enough money to cover my expenses in my bank account my applications will be rejected automatically even if I have an formal invitation letter thank you very much for answer in advance Comments: 0
  14. Hello! I'm an algerian living in algeria and have meet a polish girl on internet. we have talk in 6 months and we are loving each other and we want to meet,we are planing to get married. The problem is that my poligh gf is living with her sister who is handicap and my gf can't leave her alone, What can we do to meet and get married? Thank You Comments: 25
  15. Hello. I am Burcu from Turkey. I am an Erasmus student in Poznan. I have visa for Poland until 26.02.2013. But I lost my passport and also my visa for Poland. I will take my new passport in a week from Turkish Consulate. Anyway, i have to get my lost visa because of flying from Berlin to İstanbul. I have no much time here. my flight is 21st February. Could you give me my lost visa or a document of my lost visa? How can i get it? Comments: 0
  16. Dear sirs: i want to register my children in american or british school in poland for better education , can we get residency in poland for that case , i want to come for sttlment only and not to work as i have good fixed incom in my country iraq thankyou in advance ali latif Comments: 0
  17. My husband is Indian citizen and he has resident permit in Cyprus where we are living. Im Polish. We want to visit my country and in Polish embassy they told us that he doesn't need visa if i will travel with him. i just want to know is it possible? And we not gonna have any problems on the airport? Comments: 3
  19. Hello I am an Indian who married a Polish National last month.Now we are waiting for the marriage certificate from the civil court in India. My Question is am i eligible to apply for a visit visa to Poland with the travel document Zaproszenia to register my Marriage in Poland I would also like to know if it is difficult to get Visit Visa? Can someone please help us with right information before applying for the visit Visa. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated. Regards Ashley Comments: 1
  20. please im iraqi refugee in poland i have travel document i want to resettlement to anthor ue please Comments: 0
  21. Does a Ukrainian citizen with a permanent residence permit in Poland, have the right to enter Canada without a visa? Comments: 0
  22. Where can an Indian citizen get a Polish visa, and how long does it take? Comments: 0
  23. I am Polish and my fiancé is Turkish. I am currently staying in Turkey, but we are planning a joint trip to Poland. What documents does my fiancé need to be able to enter Poland with me? Comments: 0
  24. My husband has a temporary residence in Poland and wants to go to France for 2 months. Is this possible? Comments: 1
  25. My husband is an Indian citizen, we were married in India and now we are planning a trip to Poland. Ultimately we would like to live in the UK, where we previously lived together, although my husband had a student visa at the time. What is the procedure for him to get a British visa, how long does it take, and what documents will we need? Comments: 0
  26. I would like to invite a Thai lady to my wedding. What does she need to be able to come to Poland? Comments: 0

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