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    Category: Legalization, legal rights of migrants in Poland

  1. Can i plz have a good immigration lawyer name and number from krakow plzz..if anyone can help me will b grateful ...thanks Comments: 168
  2. Hi i m from bangladesh..i m married here ..i have a baby too..i ve recieved one year card which finished 2.5 months back..then i applied for new residence card..they interviewed us..i m waiting for 2.5 months for the result but they said they will ask info about me from belgium as i was an asylum seeker there...my question is how long it will take to get info from belgium?..how long i have to wait??.can i ask for work with my current status (a seal in my passport from ministry)..?? Do eu countries share personal info quickly?? Thanks Comments: 42
  3. Hello everybody im morrrocon married with poish citizen my wife done rajestration in poland and i wanna know what is better way for me to apply for that karta or be memeber of my wife familly there, what i need to show in moroccan embassy to join her in poland and we are planing to go abroad after that following documents in poland please did i can apply for this karta ....p... in poland or what i can do Comments: 46
  4. i am student and my studies finishes within next month and also i am working in company my contract finish by november end and my karta pobytu expires by this month end ,when i asked for personnel in the legal office they told me to apply on the basis of work but when i told to my office they told me it will take time as i am waiting for those letter and i have appointment to submit my application on 28 of this month,i am still confused whether i can proceed as student or working person and also i need to fill the application applying as working person can you please tell me or give me example of any of the filled application form .waiting for your response. Comments: 1
  5. Hi, i am in an indian can i get the poland permanent residency. Comments: 10
  6. hi I will ask you a couple of question concerning about my situation.I could not get my passport in my country because of I have not done my compulsory national service I need to come to poland to live cause I have a girlfriend and I have a kid my girlfriend polish citizen and my kid born in poland my question is İf I come to poland illegally would I be granted asylum for humanitarian reason and family reason ?I would be more than happy if u answer my questions thanks for advance Comments: 3
  7. hi my name is jamel i am from tunisia and i am maried weth polish girl for 2 hear and i have children weth she than we moving together to sweden after 8 month she camback alon weth my chald to polond and she stay ther swedech migration col me for meting and say to me you must camback to your cantry because your weif moving from sweden so you ar not legal her and befor wen i am weth my weif and my chald he give to me residance carte for 5 hear so i wont ask i can aplay for residence carte in polond for i can see my chald or not please help me weth good anser thinks Comments: 71
  9. hi,my name robert,i live in krakow,my problem is that i get married in poland since marceh 2013,and i apply for resisdence permit in malopolskie urzed wojewski krakow.first the police and the border guard,malopolskie uzred karkow can to my house and the meet me and my wife at home,but after 7 months and 3 weeks the malopolskie urzed wojweoski give a negative disicion and writer that i have to make a apply within 14days througth malopolskie urzed wojweski krakow ,to head of office for foreigin warsaw,and 21 december 2013,make it 31 days which i make a apply to the head of office for foreigin warsaw,and the have not reply to me,please i need your advice Comments: 78
  10. Is it possible for non-eu citizen Algerian or Tunisian to apply for residency in Poland while holding regular schengen c visa ? Comments: 74
  11. Hi! my name is Saif. I am from Bangladesh. I have been married with my polish wife 3 years. and I have just got settlement permit. My question is If we move and work in other EU country and come back after 2 years, Am i going to loss my settlement permit or i can just come back and live and work again.. Thank you.. Comments: 0
  12. Hello, I am a US Citizen who is married to a Polish woman/citizen. My wife and I have been married and living together in the USA for eleven years. I do not currently have and have never applied for any type of Polish residency permit or citizenship. We are presently contemplating a permanent move to Poland. My question is: What is the fastest and most certain/reliable way for me to obtain Polish citizenship? Comments: 0
  13. Hello, I have a polish wife and we have married for over 10 months and she had child for me and i have applied for resident permit at voivode office and over 9 months i have been waiting for the decision, I'm afraid of the decision and i want to know if i can use my child document (birth certificate) to apply for resident permit because my former resident i got from other EU (Lithuania) expired last year September at voivode prior to waiting for there reply...pls advice Comments: 1
  14. Hello, I am a non-EU citizen and I graduated a month ago from a Polish university. My student visa is expiring soon, but I have found information that non-EU citizens are able to work in Poland without a work permit, if they graduated from a Polish university/college. I would be very thankful if I could get any additional information regarding that. Is there any procedure that I am supposed to complete, etc? Thanks Comments: 0
  15. Witam, mam jeszcze jedno pytanie: jak można zdefiniować Dokumentem potwierdzającym stabilne zarobki. Czy takim dokumentem może być wyciąg z banku na którym będą regularne wpływy z prywatnego konta. Imigrant nie ma żadnej umowy o pracę, zlecenie czy dzieło. Pozdrawiam Comments: 0
  16. My wife is a none EU citizen but she works in Poland and has 2year resident card.Im here by visa for the 6th time. I applied for Karta pobetu but they want many documents which its difficult or impossible to prepare them.im jobless here. my wife is pregnant and has noone here and needs me to take care of her. I have insurance and a normal bank account.all these are not enough to have Karta pobetu to stay with my wife in poland? Comments: 0
  17. What happen if marriage collapse after 3 years, will my permanent residence card be cancelled? and if not would i still be able to apply for Polish citizenship after holding the Pr for 2yrs. Comments: 0
  18. Hello, I would like to ask, is it possible to change the reason in application form for Karta Pobytu, even if the 45 days deadline finished. Let\'s say, if in the application form was shown PhD, but later it was cancelled due to some reasons, like getting a good job offer. What should one do in that situation? Thanks. Comments: 0
  19. Is there any possibility someone who has overstayed their 90-days transit can apply for a work permit (endorsed by the company that would provide the work), and subsequently apply for temporary residence, without the need to leave the country? Comments: 0
  20. hello sir/ madam my question is .in present i am holding permanent residency card .i got this card after 3 years of marriage base. but now wife wanna divorce me .so if she divorce me than i will be still holding permanent residency card or not.\r\nlooking forward for your replay. Comments: 0
  21. What happen if marriage collapse at the end of the 3 years can I get the permanent residence for the fact that I have 2 years old daughterWhat are the chances  Comments: 0
  22. hello , i married from polish since 2 years and we have kid with polish passport , but we are living outside poland due to my work require me to travel alot i would like to ask if i can process PR in poland as every time i need to submit visa , or even if i am elibile to apply for citizenship . \r\nthanks Comments: 0
  23. Hello, I have been married for almost three years, My question how long can I apply for the PR my currents residency will expire by March next year but i have been living legally for the past three years....Can i be able to apply for my Pr Now... Comments: 0
  24. Dear Madam/Sir, I have student residence card for one year but i didn't pass winter semester and I lost my student status here. i want to start again next year but i received a letter from immigration office that i have to leave Poland and get a visa again in my country which is very difficult. is there any way for me to stay here 3 more months until the next semester starts? Comments: 0
  25. Dear Sir, I am indian and married with polish girl since 27th july 2012. we married in india and got polish marriage certificate from torun as she is from torun. I am also studying in warsaw university of technology since feburary 20th 2012. Now with in next month we are going to apply temporary residence card for one year. My question is :- In my marriage certificate, They didn't write "my place of birth and my mother's name" But the have written my date of bith. As i am worrying if i submit my doccument they gonna ask me for birth certificate from india as a proof of birth place and date. As i born on 1986 and i don't have any registration in any of office in india. As per old rituals and i belong to village area of india my mom born me at home. So there is no information related with my birth in india in government records. But i got my passport based on my higher secondary school certificate which has been consider as a proof of birth in 2006. Now rules have been changed birth certificate is obligatory for those children who born after or on 1989. before 1989 there is no need to show or have birth certificate to apply for passport and other government doccuments like voter card. So i wanna ask you is there any possibility in poland marriage registration office like they can edit our marriage certificate with information of my birth place and mother name by considering my passport as a proof of doccument and zameldowanie and i have zameldowanie from warsaw as i am still studying and living in dormitory which contains same information only birth place. Looking forward to your reply as iam in torun these days. So i can do my work as soon as possibly based on your guidance. Thanks Comments: 0
  26. Im iranian but about 7 years I live and work in Georgia.My wife is Ukrainian.she has 2year resident card of Poland(karta pobetu).more than 1 year Im coming to Poland by visa.we registered here our marriage. Now my wife is pregnant and I need to be near her (we have noone here to take care of her).I requested for Karta pobetu ,they say I must have Regular income. I cant prove that I have income. but I showed I have money in the bank here and regularly I put money there.but still its not enough for them. what can I do? I JUST WANT TO BE NEAR MY WIFE. As a HUMAN,its not my RIGHT to be with my wife? Comments: 0
  27. Dear Sir, I am working and living with my Polish Wife in UK. If I want to apply for a residence permit in Poland - what can I do? I have asked the embassy and they told me to translate the marriage certificate into polish and register it in Poland and they will give me 1 year Visa. Does this 1 year Visa act like temporary residence permit for fixed time? I have been to Poland many times and wish to know what I can do you have this residence permit because I want to have the Polish Nationality in future. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks Comments: 1
  28. Hello, I am a South Korean girl staying in Poland right now and visiting my boyfriend. Im here without visa as I dont need one. The customs on the border just gave me a stamp in my passport and said I can stay 90 days. I would like to stay longer at least 4 more months and maybe look for a job. My question is what should I do if I want to stay more than 90 days? Can I just leave Poland and go to Ukraine for few nights and then come back? Would that work to get a new stamp and stay another 90 days? Comments: 0
  29. I am a student, I did not pass my first years, and I have been deleted from the list of student,then i enrolled in another school to repeat my first year again i will start in March. I just received a second negative decision because I do not pass my class, what can I do now? my stay in Poland became illegal ... please i need help!! Comments: 0
  30. Respected Sir, I am an Indian recently married with polish girl and staying in torun Poland and got polish marriage certificate. I would like to know the office name where i can submit my documents for temporary residence card as foreigner in torun ? or if its possible reply me with the contact details and address. It will be my first residence card. and what's the procedure and sort of documents require for this card? how long does it take to issue the card. Looking forward to your reply. Comments: 25
  31. hi, i have 5 years residence card from Portugal.i want to change my comment's in Poland ,is it possible? and what is the basic requirement? Comments: 0
  32. Dear sir: I am working in Poland last 4 years under work permit? Recently I have got my new residence permit karta pobyuta extended by 2 years. Now I would like to apply for 5 year permanent residency. Can I apply for 5 year permanent residency? If yes, please write me where I can get the application form? Secondly what supporting documents I need for this application? Comments: 0
  33. Respected Sir/Madam, Could you please guide me how to apply for Blue card? Is there a form to fill or I directly send my all documents to your office? your swift response will be appreciable. Comments: 11
  34. hello respected sir and madam.....my name is aamir shazad khan i am from pakisatn i am living in poland last 5 month i applied for polish card here but they gave me negative decision.....they gave me right to make appel in week but i dont make appel...after 2 month of my this application i want make my polish card application here in poland ....i am living with my wife in torun city ....before i come to poland i got visa of 15 day now i dont have visa nothing......i ask in office make my passport stamp i live in poland ...they ask when police check u ,,show your marriage dacument Comments: 0
  35. Hello. I've been looking at the EU's website ( http://ec.europa.eu/) that concerns the application of the EU Blue Card for highly skilled workers. I can't seem to find the rules for the Blue Card in Poland. As I am already working legally in Poland as a skilled worker, I'd like to apply for the card to give me better flexibility to change jobs/countries in the future. Can you tell me if it's possible to apply for a Blue Card in Poland? And if so, what is the relevant agency/contact info/procedure to follow? Regards, Marwin Comments: 0
  36. My situation is so complicated. I do not know where to find any power to go on. Please, help me. I met my husband abroad and arrived to Poland with my 6 years old son.We are from Turkmenistan. I had to resing from my good job. We had a marriage in POland in 2009 September. I could not find a job for 1.5 years old, had a depression and problems. But finally I got a job, my son three years go to School here. but now, my husand wants to divorce me. He has his intercyza, house, account. this is not a problem for me. IN September 2012 I could have got Karta Stalego Pobytu. But my husband refuses to go and apply for Karta. So, when It expires in Sept, what should I do? I have my work here, my son goes 3 year to polish school from zerowka. SO, those three years are for what? Can I get karat Pobytu without my husband, but i have only rented appartment. IS it a problem? but I have my job. Please, help me. Where can I get a lawer? Comments: 0
  37. Dear Forum, Recently i encountered the following situation: I was in car with my girl friend and we stopped the car as i was too tired of driving and also feeling a bit drowsy. And thought of leaving after taking a nap . It was an isolated place with very few houses around and so we slept in car.Mean while,police turned up from no where. They asked what are we doing there .My girlfriend explained things in polish but i think they mistook as we are doing some obscene act in car.Police asked my ID and i gave them the karta pobytu. One of them took the card and went back to the police car. After a couple of minutes, he gave back the card. They asked us to leave the place andgo to nearest petro station. We left.That is all.All this happened in 5 mins. There was no fine/charges against me nor i had any mail/letter from police later. Now, Am i in police records for this and does it create any problems in future when i apply for residence card etc ? Rgds Madsen Comments: 0
  38. good day, i m from Ivory Coast and i have child two years old with polish man, my child born in africa but have polish birth certificat and nationality only we came in poland on 7 april because of civil war in my country now i m afraid to go back there , and we have schengen visas c me and my child , my question is I want to now if it is possible to me and my child to have longeur visas or residence carte in poland and if yes what is the procedure. thank in avance for your assistance Comments: 0
  39. respected sir, i am an indian citizen,i live in poland,i am married with polish girl and we have a child,i applied for temporary residence card,i got negative decision,the wojewoda office given me a three reason,1)i had a police.2)my nieghbour said that i dont live with my family(wife and child).3)i did not give all information about travelled out of poland, sir,i would like to tell you about my case something,i got protocol and i read it,the police case has been closed in 2009,i did not punish by any law,second my nieghbours said that they see me very oftenly in building or outside the building,they see me with my child in park near building but they do not know i live here or not,and i gave all information about my travelling,the wojewodaa office took my interview and my wife,also they took my father in law interview,everything is good in interview ,they checked my cloth and other stuff in flat,i again applied in warsaw office against this decision,i applied almost 2month ago but i did not get decision yet,,i would like to know your opinion about my case,i will be very thanksfull to you, Comments: 25
  40. hi.i came in poland 3 months before.i have working visa for 8 months.still i have 5 months expire to my visa? my problem is TRC the company didnot accept me to work.now i am jobless.i want to know how can we stay in polland long term?please can you help me. Comments: 0
  41. I am Polish, my husband is from India. We have been married for three years, my husband got a tourist visa to come to Poland. What should we do so that he can get the right to remain in Poland? What are the requirements? Comments: 12
  42. We are refugees from Afghanistan, we had pobyt tolerowany, now ochrona uzupełniajaca. Comments: 0
  43. • My husband, a Nigerian, came to Poland to study. He is currently undergoing training on a ship. He will not be in Poland 45 days before the expiry of his residence card. Will I be able to represent him? Unfortunately he did not leave me any authorisation to represent him, and in addition his registration has expired during his training. Comments: 0
  44. • I have been married to an Armenian man for 11 years. We have four children, one of them my own. My husband’s application for a permit to stay for a specified period of time was rejected. He is currently in detention on remand, where they are threatening him with deportation. He previously had a temporary residence card, but he broke the law and was not issued another one. The official responsible for his case said that my husband received his last card because our 7-year-old daughter had been raped. Can the prosecutor apply for my husband to deported? To whom can we turn for help? Comments: 0
  45. • Hello, can a foreigner from PERU who has been married to a Polish woman for 9 months and living in Poland for 3 months, and who has a temporary residence permit for 1 year, continue working as a sailor with a company based in the USA? In such a way as to avoid losing his right to remain in Poland and continue his residence, and after a year apply for a subsequent permit without any problems?? If his wife were to work in the same company, would this change the situation? Comments: 84

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