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  1. HalloSir/Madam,I received a permanent Polish rezydence card a few weeks ago.Am married to a Polish lady and living in Poland since 3years.What are the chances of a Polish citizenship if I may like to apply now without waiting for another 2years? Comments: 74
  2. Dear sir/Madam, I'm an indian and married with Polish girl. After having 10 year Permanent card - in Decemeber-2012, I had applied for Polish citizenship to President of Poland. My question are : 1. how long would i need to wait for decision from president of Poland? is there any source [Contact] where i can check the status of my application ? 2. if i want to cancel that application [is it possible]? 3. When i can apply to Local wojawoda office for polish citizenship? Thanks in advance. Regards, Comments: 73
  3. Hello,\r\n\r\nI\'m an Indian and married to a polish girl.I have already got 10 year EC permanent card and in December 2012 , i had applied for polish citizen to President of Poland. my question are\r\n1. how many months usually this process can take? \r\n2. can i apply directly to local government office (Wojawoda) office for polish citizenship?\r\n\r\nThank you in advance, Regards\r\n Comments: 2
  4. This is a re-post of a question I think may have disappeared from your website.\r\n\r\n\r\nI am a US citizen living in the USA with my Polish born wife. We have been married and living in the USA for over 11 years.\r\n\r\nMy wife and I are considering a permanent move to Poland so we can start a business there.\r\n\r\nWhat is the fastest and most assured way for me to obtain Polish citizenship?\r\n\r\nMy present understanding is that there are two possible paths:\r\n\r\n1) Temporary Residence -> Permanent Residence -> Citizenship\r\n - Must be living in Poland for two years under a temporary residence permit before applying for permanent residence\r\n - Must be living in Poland for two additional years under the permanent residence permit before applying for citizenship\r\n - The combined process of temp res + perm res + citizenship application takes approximately 4 to 5 years.\r\n\r\n2) Petition the President of Poland Comments: 25
  5. Hello, I am interested on becoming a Polish citizen. I've been married for more than 3 years to a polish citizen and have had permanent residency card for over 2 years. My question is concerning the polish language skill certification. What level of polish language is required in order to receive citizenship. Thank you for your help. Regards, Comments: 0
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, I am married to Polish national for 6 years now. We got married in Poland and came to UK to earn money for living. I always wanted to come back to Poland but my wife is worried that it will be difficult for me to find work in Poland. This is the reason why we stayed in UK. But I would like to apply for Polish citizenship through the President of Poland. I can speak, read and understand polish language. We visited Poland several times. Please advice me if there is possibility for me to apply for Polish citizenship on the bases that I married to Polish citizen. Any advice will be much appreciated. Yours sincerely, HS Comments: 0
  7. GREETING SIR or MADAM. my qusetion is, im marry to a polish citizenship, an i have got my permanent resident permit here in poland a month ago based on the married to polish citizen. With this permit, is there no other way to apply citizenship without staying 2yrs under this permit. i know one can apply can it through president but the decision could take longer as i have read from one of your answer. Comments: 4
  8. Dear Sir/Ma, I will like to know if i can still apply for polish citizenship after obtaining my permanent residence and a divorce.Do i still need to be married withing this 2 yrs waiting period. Thank you Comments: 0
  9. Hello sir/madam. my question is if someone applied polish citizenship to the president, is it posible to cancel the the pending application? if yes, what steps one have to take to cancel it and how long the cancellation may take? And if the application to the president is cancel, is it also posible to make a fresh application to the regional governor(urzad) if a canditate completed 2yrs stay under permanent resident obtained on the basis on married to polish citizens. Thank you Comments: 0
  10. GREETING SIR/MADAM, my question, i have got a settlement permit in poland a week ago on the basis of married to polish citizen. i want to apply citizenship but i learned that if i have to apply to the governor i have to wait 2yrs under this settlement and to president i can apply anytime i want but the decision could take 2-3yrs which i definatley cant wait that long. i have been living in poland 5yrs now. is there any other way to apply to the regional governor without waiting for this 2yrs or other alternatives i can apply. thank you Comments: 12
  11. Hi there!! My application for polish citizenship by the president was sent to the chancellery of the president of Poland last june 27,2013 from the ministry of interior in Warsaw.I'd like to know how long it takes to get the president's decision for the citizenship.6 months or 1 year, may be? I'm married to a polish woman for 6 years and i have the 5 years temporary residence paper for EU citizenship cause i'm spanish. Is it possible to get the polish citizenship very soon? Thanks a lot!!! Comments: 3
  12. hello sir/madam my question is after applying passport to president can i leave poland to work in other eu country? Comments: 0
  13. HI sir/ madam. i have permanent resident permit in poland because im married to polish citizen for over 3yrs now. my question is, if i have to apply the citizenship through the president, how long do i have to wait for the decison? i knew to apply to the urzad wowodzkie, i have to be resided under this permanent permit for two yrs. i want to apply through president, but i need to be sure about the information before doing anything. thank you Comments: 2
  14. HI, sir/madam, question, the polish language B1 LEVEL CERTIFICATE is the only state commision certificate one have to produce when applying for polish citizenship OR will they consider the other certifcate obatined from language schools here in Poland or from abroad too. Please i want to know if is the both certificate they consider or only state one. Thank you Comments: 0
  15. HI sir/madam, my question is about polish citizenship base on marry. for one to fullfill the reguirement to be recognised as a polish citizenhsip, the canditate needs to fullfilled 3 condtion, first 3yrs in marry, an 2 yrs stay under permanent resident an polish language B1 level. The point i want to know clearly is, the B1 LEVEL certificate as part of reguirement, if someone didnt pass the exam, will it actually make any difference to obtain citizenship while other two condition re fullfilled. thank you Comments: 0
  16. HI SIR/MADAM. i have a question to ask, im none eu citizen but married to polish citizen an live in poland, how long do i have to be in married to apply citizenship. thank you Comments: 5
  17. Mój mąż jest Pakistańczykiem. Mieszkamy w Anglii. Chcielibyśmy starać się o uzyskanie polskiego paszportu. Czy jest taka możliwość jeśli nie mieszkamy w Polsce?? Comments: 0
  18. Dear Sir I would like to have appartement in poland my budget around 200,000 euro as soon as bought the appartement .. can I get a residance visa in poland in order to have poland nationality in future best regards Eng. mohd bashar aljabasini siryan nationalty saudi arabia Comments: 0
  19. HI sir/madam, im none eu national, married to a polish citizen since 2010, august. my question is, when can i apply a polish citizenhship based on the married. thank you Comments: 1
  20. I got my permanent settlement card in Dec 2010 and applied to president for citizenshipin september 2011.So far no answer the office I applied says the reports by border control and police were positive and the application is sent to the president.How long more I have to wait for that decision as I want to buy some properties etc that can bring some serious changes in my life.I am currently an american citizen and own few properties in Poland. Comments: 0
  21. HI, i came to poland since 2008 based on marry to polish national, but the marry didnt work out an we decided to get divorced. im marry again with a polish citizen since 2010, my question is when shall i apply polish citizenship? Comments: 0
  22. Hello, I am from Poland and I am married to Nigerian. We have got merried in Greece and there we stay. We have a kid together. My husband wants to apply for Polish citizenship. Is that possible? If yes, please direct me. Thank you. Comments: 0
  23. I am a Chinese citizen, want to immigrate to Poland. A few days ago in the net immigration company can see immigration to Poland. In particular to rely on certain EU regulations" based on the interests of the state or the applicant can directly contribute to the national planning naturalized citizenship". This for those who wish to step in place from the European Union citizenship, opened a small window, although only a few European countries with the actual examination and approval procedures, and each year are often only a few quota. He said if it is investment or donate some money, and give up their original citizenship can join the Poland nationality. 1log in to the Ministry of the interior recorded biological information (fingerprint, iris), fill in the application form. And then wait a few days 2. Enter the palace oath-taking ceremony. Then wait for a few days. 3. Receive proof of citizenship, and submit the Chinese passport. And then apply for the identity card and a passport. Wait for a few days. 4. Notice for an identity card and a passport. After a successful trial a week for the payment, no immigrant! I don't know is it right? Really, not only under the inquiries, please do me a favor to me. Comments: 0

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