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  1. hi i need help for my friend from ukraine....she please me for help..shes home is bombarding now...shes name xxx and need help .can faund her in faccebok..please help her. Comments: 75
  2. what is about finger print In Poland and the refugee system for immigrants . Comments: 64
  3. Hello, My concern is regarding help that can help the persecuted persons.Am gonna explain to you current situation so look and see if you can help me. Am Sheroze Akmal s/o Akmal sudheer.Nationailty Pakistan.Religion Christian.status single.am Orphan boy my Father died in my childhood my mother efforts has grown me up.my age is 22year.in my family i have my mother and two younger brothers.am the eldest in my family and now am the one who was and who is taking care of my family.i have been persecuted in Pakistan because am Christian.i had fight with Islam fellows.the fight was between Christian and Islam religion...so i left Pakistan cause i was not saved there so now a days am in Malaysia seeking for refugee and looking upto God.Do have any help for me cause here i have no work even if have i cannot do cause am illegal here so i cant do.i have to takecare of my family.for myself i ask nothing i asking you help just for the sake of my widow mother and younger brothers.please look pity on my situation. Comments: 0
  4. i write to enquire about the current/new laws regarding the extension of karta pobytu in poland for 2014. if someone has got 1 year residence permit initially, and he intends to renew it , what will be the length of year during the renewal, as per the case of marriage.i made to understand that the current length given for extension of karta pobuty is 3 years, is that true? Comments: 4
  5. Dear Sirs. I'm with my wife now in Poland by Shengen visa category C. I from Kiev, wife from Simferopol (Crimea, she's crimean tatar nationality). Wife visa will expires May 02/2014. We afraid to return in Ukraine until the situation not will be stabilized. We want to ask two questions 1) whether the wife can extend her visa without leaving Poland (we have the original invitations for 2014 on hand), and 2) in case of Russian invasion in Ukraine, and start of war actions, will-any chance we get refugee status? Thank you. Comments: 65
  6. Dzien dobry moje pytanie jest takie,co zrobic w przypadku,kuedy maz Hindus,staral sie o residents card w Anglii I dostal odmowna decyzje,a wiza skonczyla mu sie juz w kwietniu.czy mozemy zlozyc jeszcze raz Comments: 0
  7. Hi, Im a polish I living in the UK , I have a 3 years old daughter. I've got problem with the cars my ex-boyfriend (father my litte girl) ,currently his at the prison in Poland and he left 2 cars here. We dont gonna be together any more. My question is or I can do anything with this cars for example sell this??? Wo I should to do because I dont need this cars and this bother me is big problem for me me to look after thats cars....:/ Comments: 0
  8. Dear Sirs, I am citizen of Ukraine. I live in the West, in Donetsk, which is in 100 km from Russian border. As you probably know, the situation in Ukraine is very dangerous because of Russian invasion to Crimea and possible invasion to the other Eastern cities. We are informed about Russian troops standing near the border with Ukraine. Moreover, everyday pro-Russian people make different provocations against those who support sovereign Ukraine. Two people were killed and more than 50 were injured on Thursday... My family and I are extremely worried and frightened with the current situation. Is it possible to get status of refugee before the real war started? Do we need to prove the current danger, if we apply for this status or there is some program for such as we are? What proof needed to get with status in the current situation? My friends in Poland are ready to shelter us even now... Hope for your soonest reply and thank you in advance for your answer! Comments: 1
  9. Hello I am China girl married to Polish man I have karts pouybtu until end of Feb currently we r living in Spain I need to renew my karts pouytu my husband is working In Spain we don't want to stop job so he we can do Comments: 0
  10. Polish in return for learning English in Cracow I'll teach you Polish in return for learning English If you want to learn polish to contact me. 3.4 once a week Contact: claudia_2m@o2.pl Comments: 0
  11. Dear Sir or Madam, I need a consultation to understand what I shall do: the matter is I am a refugee in process here in Warsaw for a half a year. When I came to Poland I was disinformed by social workers that refugees shouldn't pay for transport since they have special cards for social help. But one month later (December) I got a fine from ZTM workers, so I found out there is no information in the rules that refugees shouldn't pay. Since then I buy tickets everytime. Anyway I wrote a letter to ZTM and explained my situation:I am a refugee,have a little money support every month from the Department for foreigners which is not even enough to cover the rent and now I have a 3-month old baby - so I am not able to pay the fine. After a while I got an answer from them: I have to pay anyway or they will go to the court. What can I do? Do I have an opportunity to cancel this fine or...?? Please,I am looking forward to your advice... Comments: 0
  12. I'm an Indonesian, I would like to come to Poland to marry my girl friend, she is a Polish. my questions are: 1)Which is needed visa to get married in Poland, and how to get it? 2)What kind of document should i bring from my country to Poland? thank yo so much Comments: 0
  13. Hi! Good Evening! Could u please tell me regarding the Migration Process with Procedures? Still waiting for ur response only. Thanking you, Comments: 0
  14. Dear Madam/Sir, I am not in a refugee status in Poland. I have been staying here for 2 years. But I can stay as soon as I have a work. I am 36 years old Turkish citizen. My question is: I am an atheist and being an atheist is the hardest thing in Turkey. ( you can die because of it). What is the application process for a refugee status? By being an atheist, do I have a chance to apply refugee status on religious base? Thank you Comments: 0
  15. Dear Sir/Madam i am refugee in Poland sience 3 years now i want to sift my refugee status from Poland to Canada. Is it possible or not? Comments: 0
  16. Hi, I came to UK as depndnt of my wife from Pakistan and had 1 son from the wedding. Due to an unfotunate my wife divorced me in UK court, I hav edivorce absolute decree. Since last 7 months I met a beautiful Polish girl at my work (I hv permission to work in UK) and since then we are living together as civil partners, We are made for each other therefore have decided to fet marry in June 12. Please advice 1) what documents I need 2) Is it ESOL or Life in UK test to pass. Your urgent reply will be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance Comments: 0

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We regret to suspend Infolinia service. For over a year, we give advice on a voluntary basis - but the scale of questions is far beyond our ability possibilities to help for free. We will unlock the service as soon as we find funds to continue. We still provide information by telephone and by e-mail.
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Migration Helpline (Infolinia Migracyjna) is now run thanks to voluntary work of PFM staff. Before, it was maintained (2012-2014) thanks to co-financing of the project Information Center for Foreigners 2, run by PFM in partnership with the Association for Legal Intervention and the Mazovian Governor. It is co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals and by the state budget.


In the years 2009-2011 the project was run as part of Information Center for Foreigners run by the same partnership, also co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals and by the state budget.